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Instagram Sharing Tap & Go NFC TAG | Pack of 5

Instagram Sharing Tap & Go NFC TAG | Pack of 5

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Elevate your Instagram game with NFC sticker tags! Stick one on your vehicle, and effortlessly share your Instagram profile with passersby. Watch your follower count soar as you drive. Connect and grow your online presence with ease.

13.56 MHz ISO 14443A : NFC Type 2 NTAG213 HF RFID NFC NTag Sticker


Using the Instagram NFC Sharing Tag is effortless and can be summed up in these simple steps:

1. Activate NFC on Your Smartphone: Enable NFC on your smartphone if it's not already turned on. You can usually find this in your device's settings. Always On for IOS users.

2. Write Your Instagram Profile Link: Use an NFC writing app like NFC tools or feature (available on most smartphones) to program the tag with your Instagram profile link.

3. Attach or Place the Tag: Secure the NFC Sharing Tag to a convenient location, such as your business card, promotional materials, or personal items like Vehicles or carry on's.

4. Sharing: When you meet someone new, hand them your NFC Sharing Tag. They can simply tap their NFC-enabled smartphone on the tag, and it will automatically open your Instagram profile on their device.

5. Networking Magic: This streamlined process makes networking, marketing, and connecting with others more efficient than ever. It's a quick and memorable way to share your digital presence with potential followers, clients, or friends.

The Instagram NFC Sharing Tag is a powerful tool for enhancing your social networking game, making it simpler to connect and grow your Instagram community.

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