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Smart TAG for Menu | Tap your Phone on the TAG to open Menu | Pack of 10

Smart TAG for Menu | Tap your Phone on the TAG to open Menu | Pack of 10

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Elevate your dining experience with our NFC Stickers for Menu. Seamlessly access your restaurant's menu by tapping your phone on the TAG. Say goodbye to physical menus and Barcodes and enjoy a contactless, convenient, and hygienic way to explore a world of delectable dishes. Discover the future of dining with technology that's right at your fingertips. Explore, order, and savor the flavors with ease, all at the tap of your smartphone. Welcome to a smarter way to dine – welcome to the NFC Stickers TAG for Menu.


Using NFC Menu Tags in restaurants is a modern and user-friendly experience:

1. Placement: Restaurants place NFC Menu Tags on each table or at the entrance, making them easily accessible to diners.

2. Customer Arrival: When diners arrive, they notice the NFC Menu Tag on their table.

3. Tap to Access the Menu: Diners simply tap the NFC Menu Tag with their NFC-enabled smartphone.

4. Instant Access: After the tap, the restaurant's menu pops up on their smartphone screen. They can now browse through the menu, view descriptions, prices, and images of dishes.

5. Place Orders: Diners can conveniently place orders directly from their smartphones, reducing the need for physical menus and minimizing contact.

6. Special Features: Some NFC Menu Tags may offer additional features like dietary information, chef's recommendations, and even integration with payment apps for seamless transactions.

7. Efficient Service: Waitstaff can focus on delivering exceptional service while diners browse and place orders independently, enhancing the overall dining experience.

8. Contactless Payment (Optional): If integrated, diners can pay their bill using their smartphone, further reducing physical contact.

By using NFC Menu Tags, restaurants streamline the dining process, reduce physical contact, and provide diners with a modern, tech-savvy experience that enhances convenience and safety.

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